Introduction to a

Beautiful State

Change the way you look at life.


So often we are focused on the external world, feeling at the mercy of circumstances and others in our life.  We can feel like our time is spent wishing or waiting for some situation to change so we can finally be happy -- wanting success in our jobs or careers, a deep connection with a partner, a harmonious relationship with family and friends. 


What if you didn't have to wait?  What if that joy and peace were available to you right now in this moment?  The one-afternoon Introduction to a Beautiful State workshop awakens a deep knowing and connection to yourself and others and all of life. 


Experience for yourself what it feels like to be in a beautiful state from which you can achieve success, have fulfilling relationships and create purposeful impact in the world. 


Whether you are an entrepreneur, educator, parent, wellness practitioner, corporate leader or student, this program will allow you to discover a deep sense of peace and confidence to enrich your experience of life.


Join us for a daylong retreat on August 17th. Includes lunch!



Please join as for this unique experience created by the founders and faculty of O&O Academy.  O&O is a wisdom school, located in India, that melds timeless wisdom about the nature of how to live in a beautiful state with modern sciences' understanding of the brain, body and consciousness.  


This workshop uses these wisdoms, yogic breathing, gentle movement, and specific guided meditations in powerful way that is suitable for anyone interested in learning more.  The day will be lead by O&O Academy Transformers, Mediation & Wisdom Teachers, Gale Ricketts and Sondra Stewart.  There will be plenty before during and after to ask specific questions about your life and relationships.



Date: August 17, 2019   10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Location: Westchester, NY (Directions and address sent with registration,)