If you are on this page, you've been gifted a code to schedule a 2-hour coaching session.   Go ahead and click the schedule button below if you are ready to schedule time, especially if you already know me and what I do. 

If not, you can learn more about me buy reading my blog, browsing my Facebook videos, or Instagram TV Channel.  But in general, I am a Transformational Relationship Coach.  I work with people to understand what is underneath the problems or issues in relationships, whether it's relationships with another person or their relationships with themselves.  My mission it to help people create joy in their relationships, sharing the joy I get to experience everyday.


My favorite people to help are:


Men who are committed to fixing the problems in their current relationship, or who want to find and create a new relationship built on understanding, respect, and appreciation.


Women who are exhausted from living the life they've been leading, who are ready to get reacquainted with themselves and their own (perhaps forgotten) dreams, and to start accepting and nurturing themselves as a priority.   And, women are ready to craft relationships that will sustain and support, not drain, them.


Couples who are beginning their journey together and want a solid foundation to build on, who already have the experience to know that great relationships don't just happen, they are consciously created.  And also, couples who are just starting to "fall out of love" and know that a small redirection early on, can completely change a path.


Anyone who wants to learn to live in a Beautiful State of love, joy, and connection as opposed to a Suffering State of worry, disappointment, and disconnection.




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